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Big Sean & No I.D….sweeter studio sesh than yours

Super duper if you’re asking. Really inspirational. Just vibe out in the studio and make killer music.
[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/312664/538634&tbid=k_299&p=p/ls&height=445&width=425]
He’s gonna have a dope album (the mixtape is real good if you haven’t heard it check it out HERE.
Peace, and improvi-greatness love.

July/August beat tape…wSquared

Aiyo aiyo aiyo yo you!
I just got FL Studio back (after my approximately 8 month hiatus). I’ve been super inspired and made a bunch of music in the past few weeks. Here’s a beat tape of a selected 14 tracks for ya’lls.
Beat Tape July/August 2009
Features my segue into techno/dance music and my second edition of a remix of Jackz’ “Iller”. Pretty much all these are rough and only 16-24 bars at most but can dEfINITELY be expanded on.

Also…I went to Lollapalooza in Chi city this past Friday and will be posting a review-ish recap with some pictures soon.

Peace, and music love!

Chali 2na…Fish Outta Water

front cover

front cover

back cover

back cover

Aha…finally. This album has been in the works for (my estimate) 5 years. I am looking forward to it, and for all of those in doubt, check the tracklist and song samples (link below) for the features/producers on this!
Chali 2na Fish Outta Water
Because i know a certain most of you are lazy…how about names like; Elzhi, Kweli, Damien Marley, DJ Babu, Jake One, Emile, DJ Nu-Mark…yea.
I might drop a mini review when i get it this week to let you know how it is.
Peace, and fish love.

Infered…The Higher video update

Hello world. My name is Infewill.
so i’ve an update for The Higher music video. I know i know, i was talking big like, “oh we’ll have it this week, nbd, be here soon.” weelll….we did finish it. but i was not happy with it. so we are starting over. well, from square 2 or 3. we’re keeping the performance footage, but adding more B-Roll and also in HD now. we’re just adding to it and editing in a different direction. but trust in grob!, it will be here soooon. but i AM a perfectionist and i won’t release shit until it is perfect (as my greatness will allow).
in additional related news…i’m cookin’ up a little something for the actual music side of The Higher. more on that later.

Quote of the day: “I put it on the flo’ like cat food” -Lupe Fiasco

Currently listening to: Joe Budden – Classic (Kickdrums remix)

(the Kickdrums are NUTS…if you don’t have their new LP definitely pick it up for good production. it’s a stray away from hip hop in that it doesn’t feature rapping…but it’s dope production)

also, i’m gonna post some new music i’ve been working on soon because…i want to…and…you guys are slacking, so…i’ll pick up the pace.

peace, and higher love!

no I D …no more albums

Brief interview snippet with No I.D. about the death of albums.

it just started…93, 94…before that there was no albums with 10 producers…it’s a new concept they came up with…they sound like audio compilations.

I actually think that’s a really good point. that music used to be (and SOME still is today) put together by one artist and their producer IN the studio, creating that cohesive feel to an album. i think that’s one of the biggest appeals to the music guys like Ryan Leslie, The Neptunes, and Kanye West make. It has a really consistent, entire feel to it because everything comes from themselves.
i disagree with him in that i don’t think it KILLED music, because i think a number of artists have become quite good at picking different producers to put together a whole album. BUT, there is no way it can match that feel of one producer, one artist (or even the producer being the artist as stated before). keep this in mind as you move forward in making music. become the complete artist you can become. master your craft, and music is your craft. dig?
peace, and bare butt love.