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InfeRed…No Turn On Red (2009 mixtape)

We made it! Gravity Jones presents InfeRed‘s brand new mixtape No Turn On Red. Pick your favorite file site to download from below the artwork…

InfeRed – No Turn On Red links: megaupload | rapidshare | sendspace | zshare | mediafire | limelinx | filefactory

Gravity Jones presents InfeRed’s 2009 mixtape “No Turn On Red.” MLKjr said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets, even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven played music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry.” Tony ‘InfeRed’ Graves feels his path is leading him to record and perform honest music. If it’s true that your soul should speak truest and loudest through your actions, midwest rapper InfeRed’s soul preaches through every line. In the vein of some of Hip-Hop’s most candid and ground breaking artists, Red works with a passion and dedication to his lyrics and each message they encompass. He is often likened to Jay-Z, Common, Royce Da 5’9, Elzhi, and, more recently, Wale. Download the mixtape, analyze the lyrics, scrutinize the songs, love it and hate it. Peace and much love.

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Please spread it like wildfire!! Feel free to copy any of the links, artwork, music, burn it onto cds, whatever…just get it out there!! Electric grass roots style…
Also, please let us know what you think…
and while you’re at it check the official video for the single
The Higher:

Peace, and much love!!!

obama the freshman…m+b photograph

Obama "The Freshman" Smiling No. 2 3249_680
i love this photograph. it’s of a series in LA at M+B by an amateur photographer named Lisa Jack (see link below).
Peace! and much love all.
Lisa Jack “The Freshman”

no I D …no more albums

Brief interview snippet with No I.D. about the death of albums.

it just started…93, 94…before that there was no albums with 10 producers…it’s a new concept they came up with…they sound like audio compilations.

I actually think that’s a really good point. that music used to be (and SOME still is today) put together by one artist and their producer IN the studio, creating that cohesive feel to an album. i think that’s one of the biggest appeals to the music guys like Ryan Leslie, The Neptunes, and Kanye West make. It has a really consistent, entire feel to it because everything comes from themselves.
i disagree with him in that i don’t think it KILLED music, because i think a number of artists have become quite good at picking different producers to put together a whole album. BUT, there is no way it can match that feel of one producer, one artist (or even the producer being the artist as stated before). keep this in mind as you move forward in making music. become the complete artist you can become. master your craft, and music is your craft. dig?
peace, and bare butt love.

infe-news…no turn on red

The name of Infered’s new mixtape this summer will be “No Turn On Red”
Any ideas of a cover? It needs to have his face so people can associate the name with the face. It also should feature the street sign “No Turn On Red.”
Here is some pictures of the kinds of things to include.

with arrow

with arrow

No Turn, word up

No Turn, word up


Just the arrow on Reds face (get it)

Just the arrow on Red's face (get it)


Image/Words projected on his face like this

Image/Words projected on his face like this




Let me know what you think. Peace, and much love to yaaa!