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producer fran ashcroft…interview

This interview is incredibly interesting. He’s clearly very in tune to music and the way it reaches out. Fran Ashcroft produced for bands i’ve never heard of and The Gorillaz.

Interviewer: The record business is suffering alot from people downloading
Fran: Well that’s what they say! It’s true lots of people download stuff because they can. Lot’s of people used to tape music from the radio because they could. Do you know anybody who kept all the cassette tapes that they taped off the radio in the 70s? I don’t. And the same will be true of downloads, you delete them after a bit….what happens is the stuff that you like and you enjoy and that you would actually put your money down for is the stuff you want to…keep.

I think we’re going to see a big divide between…Top 40 music and everything else. On the one hand, Top 40 stuff will remain in the kind of position it is now with the same kind of money being put behind it…The other 98% of music that’s out there will be able to be marketed to its own particular niche.

EXACTLY!!! I completely agree.

When artists wake up to the fact that if they sold 50,000 albums with a record label, they have a listener base of 50,000 they can draw on. Then what’s the point in having the record label when you can sell it to your fans directly.

I agree though I believe it’s happening now with artists declining to sign with big labels and going Indie or making their own lane to distribute their music. It’s reminds me of a quote from The Office:

“Michael: No, we don’t actually cut the paper. That’s a good question. The paper is sent to us cut, and dyed, from a paper manufacturer, and then we sell it to a business for more than we paid for it.
Abby: That’s not fair. [the rest of the kids agree]
Michael: Yes it is, well, w-w–you need someone in the middle to facilitate…
Jake: You’re just a middleman.
Michael: I’m not just a middle… man…
Melissa: Wait, why doesn’t the saw mill just sell paper directly to people?
Michael: You are describing Office Depot, and they’re kind of running us out of business.
Dwight: We have better service than they do!”

Watch artists come to see this and cut out the middle man.

It’s a question of using the most appropriate tools for the work you’re supposed to be doing.

Autotune anyone? It’s about having tools to your trade and using which ones are appropriate for what you’re going for. It’s NOT about one artist telling the rest of the virtuosic populace that a certain tool is “dead” or out. Let the artist decide for themselves.

Peace and x out the middle love.

Kanye West, the music vid man…wilList

1. Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ (Alternate Version) w/ Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham

2. Two Words feat. Mos Def & Freeway

3. Homecoming

4. Welcome To Heartbreak

5. Through The Wire

Honorable Mention: Heartless

Peace! and music video love.

Common…Jonas bros

MTV recently reported on The Jonas Brothers…

“There’s a song we wrote recently and we were thinking … it does sound different and kind of strange, and [we’d like to work with] a rapper who has some real meaningful lyrics,” Nick, the self-proclaimed “most hip-hop” Jonas, told MTV News. “[Someone who] has some real depth to what he’s saying — someone like a Common or a Lupe Fiasco or a Mos Def. Someone who takes more of a spoken-word approach. That’d be really cool.”

Kevin said that they definitely appreciate hip-hop, hinting that adding that type of vibe to the album is definitely a possibility. “We have a hip-hop bone in us somewhere,” Joe added.

Initially i was going to go postal and talk mad shit about the Jonas brothers. When i heard about this i was thinking to my self, “what douche suckers…they would up and ask for Common, Lupe, or Mos and get exactly what the claim the want. They suck, and they’re just pop stars”…etc. Then i took a step back and realized, 1. i’ve never heard a single Jonas brothers song, 2. i mainly don’t like them because their appeal is to 12 year old rich girls, and 3. if anybody’s the douche in this scenario, it’s Common!
Surely, we can all agree the Jonas brothers are at least a bit lame…but i am superbly upset with Common in this scenario. This is the biggest sell-out story (not for good IMO) of a lifetime. Surely Lonnie wasn’t sitting around one day listening to the Jonas brothers thinking to himself, “shoot, if they just call me out i’d LOVE to collab with them. they are some musical geniuses. real Beatles of our time. pushing the envelope. appealing to grand audiences. yea, that’s the next step for me, and for hip hop.” WRONG MR LYNN. This is NOT the next step for hip hop…maybe for, say, a Soulja Boy. Someone who’s appeal already IS to middle school age suburban kids with no depth to their musical collection, but simply want their artist to look cute, dance, and agree with all of their friends.
I do believe, in my initial annoyed and confused state of mind, older hip hop emcees from (one of the) golden eras of hip hop crossing over to Nickelodeon and cutey pie teeny bopper pop rock star world, is not the crossover for hip hop (or for our Common Sense).
In the end, i gotta give my propers to the Jonases. They’re right, Common IS dope…and Common DOES have some real depth…but i will accept an apology from them because…
Common just leaped and bounded a bunch of people to the top of my shit list.
Peace…and career self mutilation love.