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Gravity Jones…our-space

PEACE! A little Gravity Jones update for you alls.

The myspace is going going. Let me know if you have any shows…are working on projects…have a new single…video, etc. I’ll post it up on the msypace.
Check the Linked Gravity Links page on the right >>> for websites associated with Gravity Jones.

We’re editing the video for InfeRed’s first single “The Higher” off the mixtape No Turn On Red coming this year! Here’s some screen shots for the wait.
Infered - The Higher screenshot 1Infered - The Higher screenshot 2
Infered - The Higher screenshot 3

On a similar note, i’ll be posting a little freestyle session from the video shoot with InfeRed, LBizzle, and me. Stupid!

The Martians have been busy at work and doing shows in Terre Haute.

Keep in touch…you know where to find us. Stay inspired…
Peace and Gravity love!

infe-news…no turn on red

The name of Infered’s new mixtape this summer will be “No Turn On Red”
Any ideas of a cover? It needs to have his face so people can associate the name with the face. It also should feature the street sign “No Turn On Red.”
Here is some pictures of the kinds of things to include.

with arrow

with arrow

No Turn, word up

No Turn, word up


Just the arrow on Reds face (get it)

Just the arrow on Red's face (get it)


Image/Words projected on his face like this

Image/Words projected on his face like this




Let me know what you think. Peace, and much love to yaaa!

infered…mixtape title

so i’m thinking “The Installment” might not be enough for the title of the next mixtape. i’ve been thinking of other cats who i think have good mixtape names (let alone successful) and it seems like it needs to be more introductory. i.e. Corner Store Classic, A Kid Named Cudi, The Three Day High, Revenge of The Nerds, etc. More of a,”this is my name, this is who i am, this is me”..if that makes any sense.

for some reason i just think it needs, like, more words i guess? like..In For Red..Infinite Installment..or The First Installment. I don’t know, let me know what you guys think. peace.