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Guess who’s bizzack

Yooo, whats gooder people? Jack Marz here, and yea… I been living under a rock…listening to My tunes in my headphones and making NEW HOT SHIT… I been grinding/ working with my cuzzo Lunatic (S.O.B.) on his new up coming mixtape “Love Life & Lunatic” ¬†mixed by who else but Mr Marz (my dj alter ego) ¬†With a few guest appearences by The Martians and a few others… SOB artists will def be in the building as well. were planning to drop it on July 4th, so get ready… later ill post a few tracks up were working on and such… stay tuned in…. But i gots to jet, I gotta go get a haircut, peace love and hair grease….

Gravity Jones…our-space

PEACE! A little Gravity Jones update for you alls.

The myspace is going going. Let me know if you have any shows…are working on projects…have a new single…video, etc. I’ll post it up on the msypace.
Check the Linked Gravity Links page on the right >>> for websites associated with Gravity Jones.

We’re editing the video for InfeRed’s first single “The Higher” off the mixtape No Turn On Red coming this year! Here’s some screen shots for the wait.
Infered - The Higher screenshot 1Infered - The Higher screenshot 2
Infered - The Higher screenshot 3

On a similar note, i’ll be posting a little freestyle session from the video shoot with InfeRed, LBizzle, and me. Stupid!

The Martians have been busy at work and doing shows in Terre Haute.

Keep in touch…you know where to find us. Stay inspired…
Peace and Gravity love!

martians…new picks

yyyyoooooooooooooooooo…i just jacked these off Facebook cause K Boogie is being wack and not on his game at all. but these are dope. i love the first two!
Censoring A Martian
Marz Barz
Inner Space

peeeaaace…and much love.


Holla Black

Holla Black

Put the babies up…
Sooo, Friday my partner in crime Max Fresh & I are throwing a party… Oh Snap, look what they’ve created… $3DollaHolla @ Wims Bar in Terre Haute, IN… Friday 10pm-2am… And in case you ain’t know how we roll we’ve invited our homeboy DJ Everything Continues for the madness.. and you know he’s down to clown on the wheels of steel all night and yall know its gonna be LIVE ASS PERFORMANCE by THE MARTIANSSS haha Live photography all night as well, capturing all the madness…Tell ya friends, we can do this more often, smell me? fasho, see yall there… 21+ Get ya sip on…



gravity jones presents…??

yo. so i’m thinking for the mixtapes we could do “Gravity Jones Presents..” this being away people can get associated with the name and people say “who the eff is Gravity Jones..googled…oooh, they have a mixtape wit Infered…and The Martians…and Jesus.”
let me know what you guys think about it.
or i’m thinking rather “Gravity Jones Introduces…” for the next mixtapes.