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fur in my cap…rob roy

just saw this at martian-blog. it is incredible.

it’s ironic, creative, original, current, old, fun, nerdy, cool, structured, hard, simple, complex.
i love it.
this dude‘s first album is called King Warrior Magician Lover.
plus, we share our second name.

peace, and roy love.

questlove…sandwich ep

via: nahright

Sandwiches are the sets they play before and after commercial breaks on Late Night.

In honor of making 1000 of those original compositions, Questlove liberated 22 of them on twitter and All The Way Live compiled it into an EP.

The Roots – Sandwiches EP

also. click on the twitter above, then click on the link and listen and read the descriptions to each track…questo really knows music and it’s so interesting to see what inspires him and how it makes him feel and think.

peace, and be well rounded love.

M&M (eminem)…new old music

I picked up 4 never before heard (until today) unreleased exclusive raw ill…ok sorry…”M&M” tracks.
Here’s a couple of goofy pictures to kick this post off. Features Eminem with producer Manix and partner in rhyme Chaos Kid (making up the group Soul Intent).

Eminem & Proof – Hammer vs. Vanilla (Bassmint Suckerin Rhyme)
It just keeps goin, haha. Here’s an explanation as to what “Suckerin Rhyme” was…

Basically, the ‘Suckerin Rhyme’ was a way for us to have fun by freestylin. We would record the sessions to play back later and laugh at. They were never intended to be released to the public. They were purely for our own amusement. The term ‘Suckerin Rhyme(s)’ was derived from an old-school hip-hip slang term called ‘Sucker M.C.’ which was used by rappers to describe someone who sucked, hence the title ‘Suckerin Rhyme’. So the attempt was to, in a humorous way, represent a wack or ‘Sucker M.C.’. That was the only thing premeditated about this stuff! So much of hip-hop was so serious in its competitiveness and this was a way for us to unwind and warm-up to do some serious music we had written and intended to release to the public. In retrospect, I think some of these tracks are entertaining enough in their own sense to be released to the public finally. Anyone who enjoys the spirit of spontaneity in music and humor – impromptu, improvisation, or ad-lib, which came to be coined in hip-hop as the ‘freestyle’ should hopefully find some degree of merit and entertainment in these moments captured on tape.. Enjoy! -love, Snafu

Eminem & Chaos Kid – Unrealistically Graphic
Eminem & Chaos Kid – Poo Butt
Eminem & Chaos Kid – Artificial Flavor
Funny cause he totes started off just effin around (Poo Butt?). Jokin and freestyling…now he’s being put at the top of Greatest Emcee lists. Dude was still ill…i wonder if he ever paid Big Daddy Kane for this style (ha!).
Peace, and exclusive love.

biz markie…JUST a friend?

i was planning on posting this vid soon! ‘ye actually beat me to it on his blog! i love this video, song, everything. i think this is so creative. the song is pretty creative, fun, cool…but the way they followed the story and the angles…it is obvious late 80s early 90s comedy rap, but i think they did a good job with the video, not taking all generic locations, and having a different feel for a cheap vid.

in related news…this weekend we’re recording the first music video for Infered and his new single “The Higher”…we’re all soo inspired and excited right now. i’m confident it’s going to turn out really nice. peace to my director jammin JT. we’ll post it in a week or two!!
peace! and video love.

Kanye classic…Two Words

This video is so classic to me. ‘Ye posted it on his blog and it just reminded me how great he’s always been. ¬†Off the hizzle…for chisel.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here pretty soon we’re going to vote on our top 3 ‘Ye videos and i’ll post them up for all to inspire.

Peace. and classic love.

mos…cover art

i love this picture. this would be a great album/mixtape cover. keep working hard and stay focused ya’ll. peace!
mos deffer

kool g rap…fast life

Kool G Rap feat. Nas-Fast Life


red…how do you feel about using this for the mixtape? i can’t stop listening to this 90s classic.