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vids…OK Go | Lowry

These videos have blown my mind…i know must repair it and take artistic action…

1. OK Go – “WTF?”

this is right inside my doorway. take an effect and play with it. have fun and orchestrate your art. that’s what i’m trying to do…

2. Lowry – “Whiskey”
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this is a pretty fresh indie band i just discovered through the Guilt By Association Vol. 2 project in which they covered “Africa” by Toto. i feel like the video tells the story pretty well with not too much performance shots and not too much “couple” shots. the video is for a project called…i think they accomplished it better than any one else i’ve seen on the site.

peace, and videLoVEs.

Kanye West, the music vid man…wilList

1. Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ (Alternate Version) w/ Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham

2. Two Words feat. Mos Def & Freeway

3. Homecoming

4. Welcome To Heartbreak

5. Through The Wire

Honorable Mention: Heartless

Peace! and music video love.

lupe…l.a.s.e.r.s. manifesto

Lupe Fiasco recently dropped this manifesto to basically iron out some small details about his upcoming LP, “Lasers.” Similar to all the shit dropped prior to “The Cool.” I am so excited about this!

LASERS Manifesto

LASERS Manifesto

We Are Lasers
The above picture was also posted. Isn’t that Deebo from Friday? And he’s using the Anarchy symbol as the A in “Lasers.” I believe he’s playing off the retaliation against bullies (anarchy against the ultimate bully i guess).
Also a REALLY low quality version of the first single Shining Down leaked this week but the quality is too hard to stand to even post it. But it sounds SOOOOOO DOPE!! It damn near brought me to tears how good the shit is. Trust me, Matthew Santos is in RARE form on the chorus. And you KNOW Lupe brought itt! I’ll be ontop of it when the CDQ version drops. PEACE! and much love!

list 1…”who cares?”

This is my “who cares?” list of recent artists and/or the projects they’re working on. This is the shit that the hip hop blogs i check spend WAY too much time on IMO because…i don’t give a care about them! And i don’t see why i should. Here’s my top 5:
Drake – (everything, anything)…i don’t get this cat or the appeal tied to him
Busta Rhymes – Back On My Bullshit…i was so over it the first time i heard about this, now i can not stand it
Lil Wayne – (all remixes, features, and “exclusive” leaks)…”lil wayne exclusive” is played out like brick wall photos
Raekwon – Blood On Chef’s Apron…the cover is TERRIBLE (here), and the butcher theme??, come ON! be more creative. sidebar:hip hop is so fucking un-creative sometimes it makes me sick
50 Cent/G-Unit – (everything/body associated)…nobody on g-unit is good…at all. i honestly didn’t realize anybody still paid any attention to them.
thank you for your time…my appologies for such a negative post.
peace! and all love.