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Michael Jackson tribute…the greatest

I couldn’t decide if it would be more cliche to not pay tribute on here, or to say something. I guess the one thing i can say is he is the greatest solo artist of this modern day. Whether you grew up on his music directly or not…you must understand, pop music is what is today and was yesterday because of Michael Jackson. Him as a performer, a singer, video producer, song writer, artist. He had the greatest individual impact on modern music and pop culture.
They asked, “Will their be another Beatles?” There was, it was Michael Jackson, and he was one man. Crazy.
Here’s the first and only (of a shit ton for sure) dedication i will likely post on here.
The Game, Diddy, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men – Better On the Other Side
My only problem is, Diddy makes everything cheesy and lame. But i guess it’s still cool. Everything else about it feels at least semi-genuine.
I was at work and we decided to put on some MJ (for nostalgic tribute i suppose)…Man In The Mirror was the first song to come on. I about cried. God damnit all.
Be on the lookout for new MJ music. I read that a few months ago he said he has over 100 songs recorded that will be released posthumously to support his kids. It feels sick…possibly too soon to say, but i’m looking forward it.
Peace, and greatest love to MJ.

2 responses

  1. peter

    I was thinking about what a “solo pop artist” was before MJ and how different that concept was. Obviously the music was different, that’s just the nature of music, but think about what dancing was before Michael Jackson. Imagine the idea of music videos today without him. Anyway, it’s sad as hell, and it sucks that just two days later all the respect is gone and it’s about the estate and who’ll get the kids and how sickly he was and his massive debt.

    At any rate, I also cried when watching the Man in the Mirror video.

    June 29, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    • wsquar3d

      yea man. i’m still having trouble with the shit. but i appreciate your comments bro.

      June 29, 2009 at 10:27 pm

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