keeping up with the joneses

Tracy Morgan…greatness/flutie

i first need to say that tracy morgan is officially my favorite comedian right now. he’s incredible. it’s like he never breaks, he is just always in funny mode.
but in this brief interview snippet he talks a bit about coming up as a comedian, but specifically he makes a great point (that i’ve been trying for some time to articulate to others!).

study! do your homework!…get footage! how the fuck are you gonna know hot to be great if you don’t study greatness!

exactly! this should go with whatever you are into…watch and learn. we are a people of observation. think about the stress they put on the children having role models, why do you think that is? because right when we leave the womb, what are we doing? (aside from crying…and peeing), staring…looking around…observing. think about this. in fact, don’t just hink about it, consider and apply it!
and for the record…you ain’t doug flutie.
peace, and great love!

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