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kanye talks bp3…anti-autotune

MTV news reports

“He’s just been working on it, and it’s gonna be amazing when he drops it. I think it’s good he’s taking his time to give people the best product possible and not being rushed by this fast-food, media-outlet, Internet, everything-is-getting-leaked, people-stealing your-songs-before-you-can-mix-them-and-put-them-online world we’re living in right now.”

Kanye revealed that he and Jay went back in and made some alterations to B3 since they first started.

“We actually removed all the songs with Auto-Tune off of his album,” West said, “to make the point that this is an anti-Auto-Tune album, even though I released an album that has all Auto-Tune!

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Kanye laughed about Jay not wanting to incorporate the sound that is featured so heavily on Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak. “It’s music; it’s just sonics. I like Auto-Tune so I do it, but you want the other thing — like you’ll wear a suit to a wedding and gym shoes to a basketball game. I think it’s a perfect moment for Jay to provide some gym shoes to a basketball game right now.”

I agree…whatever you use, it’s sonics. Whatever sound you’re looking for, use that sound. The great thing is you can wear a suit to a basketball game if you want. But maybe Jay needs to lace up his sneakers and hit the court. (wait, in this analogy are we comparing autotune to a suit??…maybe autotune just being the suped-up sound). anyways…i completely agree that you should just use the sound in your music that makes you feel great (or gets whatever your goal is across). if you want a sound that is completely out there, avant garde shit, then do it! go to the moon with it. If you’re looking for a really processed pop sound with intense electric strings and synths than do that, find those plug-ins, keyboards, samples, whatever sounds, and do until it feels great and hits that note you’re looking for. dig?
peace, and autotune love (or not?).

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