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This is Charles Hamilton’s most recent post on his blog…it’s really interesting. He makes some very compelling points. I think it’s really interesting how he talks about mastering the music in vinyl first before converting it to digital to get a different, older feel. Like a shovel, I can dig that. Dig it…
(i bold blocked quotes i find really interesting)

What Jimmy told me was to do my thing, and use the business to my advantage.

Interscope is used to a certain sound, as evidenced through the latest Em release (“Relapse”). The crystal clear, uncompressed sound, usually mastered by Dr. Dre (or Ron Fair) is what makes an Interscope album an Interscope album. Content and production wise, they LOVE “This Perfect Life” (much to the dismay of the email).

As far as sound quality, they don’t understand it.

“This Perfect Life” was professionally mixed, but in the mastering, I did things a little bit different. Each song was ran into vinyl, before digitally remastering each vinyl-ly mastered song, before mastering the album together as a whole. So you hear actual dust from the record.

So it sounds a lot older than it really is.

Quite literally, you hear the needle drop on the record.

The point of me doing that is, the mainstream way of presenting music is getting old. Yeah I know, “Charles this mix sounds like crap.” That’s kinda the point. You have to LISTEN. The points I bring up with this album on every song go beyond the 30 second sound-byte of a ringtone. There are solutions to problems that we all face that need to be heard.

Or is that not what an artist is supposed to do?

Mind you, about 97% of all online “marketing” was handled by ME. Yes, management set up interviews, and a few admin “pulled some strings” to get me “some good opportunities.” But as far as blogging, Twitter, Facebook and interacting with online journalists such as Illseed, Karen Civil, Miss Info, 2DopeBoyz, Nah Right, OnSmash, and several other popular urban sites?

Charles Hamilton.

Now if that’s not going beyond the call of duty for a major label artist, then maybe there needs to be some BETTER protocol as to what an artist’s requirements are.

Jimmy’s concern is how a free download can translate into dollars and cents. Which in esSENCE, makes perfect SENSE. SINCE that is the concern, the actual concept of an album dropping for free as promoted by a major label is enough for mainstream attention, upon Interscope pressing “the go button” on media paying attention to me.

Until such time, I am a figment of your subconscious mind. A novelty being, only heard on the surface via “Brooklyn Girls”.

Quite frankly, either I exsist or I don’t.

It depends on the demand.

Which, courtesy of Briana’s fist, has skyrocketed.

No room for addressing any hate in the comments from being confident that my name, though somewhat tarnished, is being said.

There is a plan to put “This Perfect Life” in stores after it’s online release, as a box set, with a DVD of animated videos that string the concepts of the song together to make a movie. There will also be a collage if you will of my interviews and interviews with celebrities, politicians, and commonfolk about what a perfect life would mean to and for them.

I see this more as a sociological experiment of the sorts than a product to be consumed by the masses. Why? Because the masses are no longer concerned with being forcefed stuff they don’t even like.

The other side of this is the fact that “I don’t know what I’m talking about” becacuse “I’m 21”. Totally understandable. Well, I’ve spoken to plenty of artists who, because of me, are now INTERESTED in Interscope, because of the REAL things me and Jimmy have been talking about.

Me taking an executive position (CVO).

The jeriatric approach to the presentation of an artist’s work has clearly been outgrown. I have plenty of ideas to enhance the game (shouts to Viviendi), and I have people who are more than willing to work. The people who see the iminent chantge are quick to throw my age and “inexperience” into the equation, with great understanding. Perhaps there are pitfalls that this “game” provides that require you to be up in age. But what does that have to do with the masses?

The masses don’t know something is wrong until you address it. Right?

Hold on… rubbing my head to hear what the masses have to say…

Nah. The masses want something real. The reason why Lupe doesn’t have a platinum album, but is internationally known. The reason why The Roots aren’t PFunk, but pack shows like they do. Greatness doesn’t always mean Donny Ayanar plotted to make you successful. Yes, a team is needed to delegate tasks, but a team of people telling you what’s right for you based on what’s worked for other people won’t work.

So in conclusion, the label would have to directly refute what the label’s chairman said to me. And in that case, they should’ve done more for me than I have, OTHER than cypher my budget around. Which is not to say that I’m not grateful for the opportunity. But I know where I’ve been, and I know where I’m not trying to go back to. Thank you to all supporters, and blessings to those who wish me fail.

Also…stay on the look out for INFERED’s “THE HIGHER” official debut video this week! We’re in the lab AS I TYPE working on it. It’s got a dope look to it. It’s pretty much a good looking, creative, performance video, just showing Red as the man he is. It was shot in HD (yea, hi-def babay) by my man JTastic, me, Red, and assistance from LRon. Also we’ll be posting some outtake footage including a freestyle session with InfeRed, LRon, and me…iiiiiillllllyyyyy!!
Peace, and much love!
oh yea and…”NO TURN ON RED” SUMMER 2009

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