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This is a really interesting commentary. I love rants and ideas by smart cats that i really respect. Even when i don’t agree with everything, i can dig this type of thinking plus the confidence to put it out there with the possibility/probability of harsh public scrutiny. I feel most people are very afraid of that, and if they are wise enough to have any sort of thoughts like this, they keep them to themselves. Which i think shows a flaw likely most people have. Enjoy…

no more caps
May 25th, 2009
i jus wrapped up a ill interview yesterday with my homie joe for complex magazine and it was one of my more open and honest sit downs to date. after the interview i came to some enlightening conclusions

2 things

number 1
i feel like my music has been overshadowed by wut the people call “hype” as of late and it bothers me greatly….im not into the whole media hype and shit, comparisons and doin collabs jus to build up more hype. since my recent fame, people have been gettin caught up with the idea of who iam, my associations, my weed smokin aswell as made up drama and its not about any of that shit for me and shouldnt be for anyone else. it should be about my music. so i almost dont do certain things to keep the love u guys have for me more natural, organic and based off my art.

number 2
i kno the world is mostly based off of competition, it thrives on it. sports, video games, war, etc etc so on and so forth but competition in music shouldnt be. well atleast maniac competition. since the hype dats been givin to me, it changed me into this competitive maniac. ultimately makin me worry more about who my fans will like better “at the end of the day” between me and many other artists. everyone wants be good at suttin they’re passionate about, but me gettin wrapped up into my own hype really did change my focus. i started thinkin about my fellow artists not as comrads but my enemies so to speak in a battle for the fans. for wut everyone calls “that spot”. but in this interview with complex, as i was talkin i figured out everything. rite then and there

there is no spot, those days r gone. u make ur own lane. period. thats wut ive done so i should have nothing to worry about. everything else has been done before, why be a clone for some labels benefit jus cuz a previous swag was successful? there is room in music for ANY AND EVERYONE. ITS ABOUT SELF EXPRESSION. i look at music like the open road, theres room for everyone to roll and get to where they wanna go. and i mean open road like a street, not a race track. music should be the least competitive thing in the world, ESPECIALLY AMONGST THE ARTIST. friendly competition is good, setting goals or wut not, AND pushin urself to be better. it promotes growth when its friendly becuz it transforms into inspiration, however there is a very thin line between maniac competition and friendly competition and i crossed it.

trial and error, im new to this shit so im learning as i go along. im writing this for the fans so u understand where my head is at. so u kno im not caught up in the madness. i have my genuine focus back, the focus i had when i created day n nite.

sidebar: i prolly wrote some of the most intense records durin my maniac phase which u will hear on the album so i guess suttin good came from the dark side after all.

take negative energy and transform it, make it positive, and use it.

cudder fact: i havnt gone to many industry and red carpet events lately to avoid “hype”, im layin low til my album drops. only then will the hype be destroyed and replaced with fact. you decide

have you ever been to heaven at night?

new title
MAN on the MOON: the END of DAY


Peace, and think love.


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