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lupe…l.a.s.e.r.s. manifesto

Lupe Fiasco recently dropped this manifesto to basically iron out some small details about his upcoming LP, “Lasers.” Similar to all the shit dropped prior to “The Cool.” I am so excited about this!

LASERS Manifesto

LASERS Manifesto

We Are Lasers
The above picture was also posted. Isn’t that Deebo from Friday? And he’s using the Anarchy symbol as the A in “Lasers.” I believe he’s playing off the retaliation against bullies (anarchy against the ultimate bully i guess).
Also a REALLY low quality version of the first single Shining Down leaked this week but the quality is too hard to stand to even post it. But it sounds SOOOOOO DOPE!! It damn near brought me to tears how good the shit is. Trust me, Matthew Santos is in RARE form on the chorus. And you KNOW Lupe brought itt! I’ll be ontop of it when the CDQ version drops. PEACE! and much love!

2 responses

  1. tanner wetherington

    a poem yallmight like
    ” children sitting in their seats
    teachers preaching their beliefs
    open-mindedness is gone
    freedom has come undone

    comunism will provale
    democracy gone to hell
    caused by power hungry pricks
    holding torches holding sticks

    religion we must fight
    touching boys in the night
    organizing is a lie
    money signs in there eyes

    justice system gone to hell
    the blind lady has fell
    pointing fingers speaking lies
    greed and hatred this is why

    one way to win
    we can’t stumble again
    don’t be sheep just be free
    stay open minded i do plee

    know thy self and stay true
    ANARCHY will pull you through”

    read it and think please

    April 6, 2010 at 2:37 pm

  2. Christian Perez

    im new into view and all of you will be subdued into truth of this age open the book and turn the page take a look at the empty space.history in tha making
    we r the next generation left deAD FACEUP. girls with no makeup the worlds biggest mistake was. tryin to suppress the less fortunate well they got us twisted like a contortionist cuz im enforcin this pitchforks with lit torches and no silence juz david vs goliath and we r the outnumbering giants. ready 2 start a riot. proverbs n werds no violence.

    July 1, 2011 at 5:40 pm

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