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so amazing…remixed by tony williams

Here’s the “Amazing” remix. it is for really reals real goody gooder dood dooy music. it’s got a more electric, fuller feel…plus it includes a breakdown with tony williams vocals.
Kanye West feat. Tony Williams & Young Jeezy – Amazing (Remix)
Here’s from Tony Williams blog…

I was recently in the studio working on my soon to be released single (yeah, yeah, i know what you’re saying, “you’ve been saying that for the last three months”) “Everything About You”, with producer Haskel Jackson (Genesoul Productions) when we took a break to vibe on 808’s and Heartbreak. He was really feeling the track “Amazing” and said he would love the opportunity to get his hands on it for a remix. Why’d he say that ’round me, I left and came back with the pro tools files, done deal.

The remix of the official N.B.A. playoffs was the result of the combined efforts of Mr. Jackson and Derek “D.O.A.” Allen (Designated Hitters Productions), who was fresh off of killin that new Brooke Hogan track, “Fallen”. I just walked in and added another dimension to an already “Amazing” situation. It was really fun rockin’ this joint out. This is straight up “my” style. We were definitely trying to put our stamp on it!!

love good music. peace, and remix love.

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