keeping up with the joneses

asher roots…fallon live

mos said, “all white people, is runnin this rap shit…”
the reason i mention that is because i honestly feel bad for the roots, hip hop, and specifically black thought as an emcee. they have been making great music, touring like 10 months out the year, putting on great shows, and staying together, all for 20+ years. they are now a late night show house band, backing up the likes of Asher Roth (who has been in the game for under a year), and andy samberg (who is a part of a joke rap group…for less than a year). not only is the band backing them, but, as the vids show, black thought is becoming the biggest waste of talent.
here’s what i’m saying…white emcees, black emcees, white band, black dj, whatever whatever…if it’s dope it’s cool. BUT!…the roots?? a bull shit toss around back up band?? black thought a t-pain interpreter?? a sub for cee-lo?? does it make it better that the band makes the songs sound better, or that BT sounds just as good as t-pain and better than cee-lo?? i don’t know man…i think overall it’s kind of bull shit.
with that said…check out The Roots rock Asher Roth’s “Be By Myself.”

i think they did a great job actually. i like how Asher has fun with the shit, runs up in the crowd, all that jazzercise. thank you for your time, dig it!
peace, and jazzercise love.


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