keeping up with the joneses

Jamar Rogers…examination

so this cat was on American Idol and got kicked off right before the top 30 a couple months ago. he was my favorite on there, and i stopped watching because i stopped caring after dude got the axe. i’ve been keeping tabs on him because, mark my types, he will make some ridiculously outrageousness IF he makes the right moves. he really needs to get with a group of people, especially a producer, who will explore his eclectic qualities. his voice is a midwest/south sounding john legend with a younger pop twinge.
anyways…here is collection of the shit he’s put together that i’ve found on the internet:
these first two videos were on his youtube prior to american idol, a couple of original songs recorded live.

here’s the first song from above (Jasmine) that he posted on his myspace. this song is dope, and the production sounds really good.
Jamar Rogers – Jasmine
he sang “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s. he souled it the eff up. here is a HQ rip from the video. i actually had this as my ringtone for a while.
Jamar Rogers – Hey There Delilah
i am really lookin forward to the direction mr rogers goes in. i’m excited about his talent, i hope he hooks up with maybe pharrell, or b. cox, or stargate, or stereotypes, or somebody who can really help mold his talent. and dude has the personality too! dig?
peace, and sing love.

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