keeping up with the joneses

list 1…”who cares?”

This is my “who cares?” list of recent artists and/or the projects they’re working on. This is the shit that the hip hop blogs i check spend WAY too much time on IMO because…i don’t give a care about them! And i don’t see why i should. Here’s my top 5:
Drake – (everything, anything)…i don’t get this cat or the appeal tied to him
Busta Rhymes – Back On My Bullshit…i was so over it the first time i heard about this, now i can not stand it
Lil Wayne – (all remixes, features, and “exclusive” leaks)…”lil wayne exclusive” is played out like brick wall photos
Raekwon – Blood On Chef’s Apron…the cover is TERRIBLE (here), and the butcher theme??, come ON! be more creative. sidebar:hip hop is so fucking un-creative sometimes it makes me sick
50 Cent/G-Unit – (everything/body associated)…nobody on g-unit is good…at all. i honestly didn’t realize anybody still paid any attention to them.
thank you for your time…my appologies for such a negative post.
peace! and all love.


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