keeping up with the joneses

lup-explanation…the instrumental

Somebody on Okayplayers forums challenged “The Instrumental” (from Food & Liquor) as to whether it is profound or simply gibberish. Also questioning what the track is actually about. Lu himself let him know by saying this:

“The Instrumental” is a take on two individuals in similar objective circumstances but with very dissimilar subjective frames of mind, one of immense admiration and the other intense abhorrence but the end result being both individuals rationally addicted to the irrational circumstances they find themselves in.

The television and the radio have been deconstructed to simple boxes each sending endless streams of information both useful and useless.

Th first individual constantly observes the box under the faint pretext he will observe information that will instruct him on how to discontinue his obsession with the box. He is caught in a feedback loop (also a principle of marketing) which has an inherent mechanism that infinitely justifies its own existence to the observer by playing on his or her ignorance (which speaks on the nature of the observers limited pre-existing circumstances & conditions before their encounters with the box) as well as the observers gullibility, natured or nurtured.

The incessant need for this information that will somehow bring about the observers liberation reactively makes him a slave. A self fulfilling and self similar element that reflects the paradoxes of life i.e. A Slave To The Idea & Act Of Being Liberated From One’s Own Slavery.

The chains & lock represent the strong connectivity & attachment to the box but can also be interpreted from a couple perspectives. My favorite is that they are bonds of love even though the tethering was a product of hatred. ‘Love’ because of the prerequisite of strong connectivity that is in the definition and description of the act and idea of being in love. The paradox being in that it was all done out of hatred. This is a very ” what-is-on-the-surface” based interpretation.

The Doctors are us. In the sense that they are observers but also within their observation they are distorting and effecting what they are observing with just their very presence (see Theory Of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics etc.)

The removal of the voice is a very deliberate act and speaks to the act & idea of interpretation itself. The voice of what is being observed has been silenced and replaced with the voice of the interpreter who goes on to redefine the motive and intentions of the observed piece based own their own knowledge and experiences. The world is merely an instrumental where the vocals are provide by the observers who critique and associate value thus completing the score.

The second individual is less theory and more realistic in origination. Maybe later…Going to see the matinee of Crank 2…

The rest I leave to your dare I say ‘interpretation’…

“Nice with the blah, blah, blah…”


FYI…We are also both of the individuals…The song is based on real life events…Just look at what you are doing now…looking to the box for answers…

PEACE…and m u c h l o v e.

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