keeping up with the joneses


A bunch load of new music leaked this past week so here’s a catch up post. Def some gems here!
Slum Village – Cloud 9
This is the new single from the Slum. Is it wrong that i skip straight to Elzhi?? They know what they’re doing now, they put him at the end so we have to hear the whole shit. 4/5
Pete Rock – Just A Word Or Two
Okay…Petey Petey Petey…the music man. He still has it. I’ve never been big for his emceeing, but he’s updated his style, added some swag. It’s AIGHT, listen to it for the beat. 2.5/5
“Blaaaaw, we outside of ya house, it’s the Cool Kids and we here to jump on ya cooouch!”
Leak #1 from the new Gone Fishin mixtape. Whoaaaa. This is super duper. The music is crazy and the Cool Kids are so true to that cool ass emceeing style, making the track theirs (which you know i always stress the importance of). 4.5/5
The Cool Kids – Champions
This is leak #2. Got damn!…it’s good. I like the first better, but the mixtape is going to be hopefully dopefully. 4/5
Reflection Eternal – Back Again
Theeeey’re baaack. Haha, it’s cool. I’d heard it before and it didn’t blow me away, but the CDQ just leaked so here. The problem is, they have such a high bar (like…you gon’ need a space shuttle, or a latter that’s forever) Still excited about the album though! 3.5/5

There was also a new Phat Kat joint produced by Black Milk that you can look up if you really want, it’s not worth it to me. Peace…and much love to you all.


2 responses

  1. pedro

    when does the cool kids mixtape come out? i have a hard time just downloading singles. i’m too organized for that.

    May 2, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    • wsquar3d

      yea i hear you…i find myself having to delete the songs that end up on formal projects. i haven’t heard when the mixtape is supposed to drop, but i know it’s soon and i know it’s going to be great.

      May 3, 2009 at 1:53 pm

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