keeping up with the joneses

4/20…lot a new muse

Artists had a busy 420 pushing out new tracks. Also, Asher Roth’s debut album came out today (…i’m gonna get it…yea). Here are the highlights IMO:
Elzhi-DEEP (prod. Black Milk)
When was an Elzhi and Black combo not good? Well…good is about as good as this gets. I love Elzhi’s flow. But i do like to know Elzhi is working and pushing out music!
Kid Cudi-Daps & Pounds
Once again…when does Cudi not do something good? Well, this is good. It won’t be on his album…it ain’t GREAT. But it’s goody. I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t worthwhile!
Asher Roth feat. Slick Rick-Y.O.U. (UK album bonus)
Dudes growing on meeee…..hmmm….i’ma be honest, i hate to say it. But he’s grooowwing on meee. Good track. This is a UK bonus from Asleep In The Bread Isle.
Clipse feat. Kanye West-Kinda Like A Big Deal
Aight…this beat is bananers…first of all. Secondly…(disclaimer: i’m not much of a clipse fan)…this is a cooool track! Sure sure, the combo of dope drums and ‘ye makes me happy, but it is a really good song.
What do ya’ll think? Peaceseseers.


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