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Holla Black

Holla Black

Put the babies up…
Sooo, Friday my partner in crime Max Fresh & I are throwing a party… Oh Snap, look what they’ve created… $3DollaHolla @ Wims Bar in Terre Haute, IN… Friday 10pm-2am… And in case you ain’t know how we roll we’ve invited our homeboy DJ Everything Continues for the madness.. and you know he’s down to clown on the wheels of steel all night and yall know its gonna be LIVE ASS PERFORMANCE by THE MARTIANSSS haha Live photography all night as well, capturing all the madness…Tell ya friends, we can do this more often, smell me? fasho, see yall there… 21+ Get ya sip on…




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  1. wsquar3d

    if you can find someone with a video camera or just a digital camera that can take some videos, you need some up on youtube for promotion. just to show how live you get when you perform. i can put something together if you can get footage.

    April 15, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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