keeping up with the joneses


i was thinking. along with what i was talking about before, dealing with the music having a feeling to it…how you should feel a certain way when you hear the music, when you make the music as an artist, and when the listener hears you. you should do the same thing with your writing. you need to connect to the listener. most artists don’t go very far for that reason specifically. they never learn to CONNECT to the artist. they make the artist feel good (want to dance, etc.) for a song, but they don’t ever connect to them on a personal level. make sure the person you are targeting as your consumer can and WANTS to relate to you. the Beastie Boys didn’t relate to Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel because they knew what was going on with them in the ghetto slum areas of new york. the Beastie Boys related to the way it made them feel. Melle Mel connected to his audience on The Message, making them feel like they were there. everybody can relate to pain…can the artist take the pain they feel as an individual and make the audience feel it too? think about it. peace.


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