keeping up with the joneses

cornel west interviews…lupe fiasco

they are both so intelligent. very charismatic too. listening to them just makes me feel like i’m hearing new and important ideas…like i need to listen to and try to understand everything they say. lupe may be an artist of today who’s ahead of his time. i think his creative work will transcend time though.
“the initial self is very simple…when you were first born you…came out simple…primitive urges…as you grow you are taught by others…there’s nothing pure about ‘self'”-lupe fiasco
this statement is very very true. think the spoken accent, the language we use, the way we think, think RELIGION, think MONEY, think government ideas, think HATE, think LOVE. i feel we should be hesitant about everything. he’s right, nothing is pure. “you have to check in your mind everything that is in your head…your message is so intertwined with the mess, you didn’t dilute it enough”-lupe
i’ll digress for now. you listen and THINK about it all.
Cornel West interview with Lupe Fiasco


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