keeping up with the joneses

i feel big…not big like gaining weight…

so here’s the deal…

i set this blog up for us to communicate with each other. it’s a place to go to post anything dealing with music. dig this.

guideline idea/boobs:

1. if you see a bunch of pictures that inspire you for a new project? or the cover? or whatever? post it.

2. if you hear a new track from somebody (say, elzhi, or cudi, or cool kids, etc.) and you want the rest of us to know about it? post that shit.

3. working on a new track? trying to give an idea? have some sample you want someone else to flip? have a new beat you want someone else to use? post it.

4. have a question about something? post it in the comments, we can talk to one another there.

basically we’re starting our own little gravity jones community.

i guess that’s about it. talk to me if yas gots questions.


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